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Giant Steps is designed to be engaging for students and effective for educators

Jumping in is easy

Make the game your own

Throughout the world of Giant Steps, students will be represented by their unique avatars. This personalization creates a greater sense of presence and belonging — encouraging, engaging, and motivating learners to practice and earn items and XP (experience points), which can be redeemed for rewards.

Use the content library

Our team of in-house experts custom designed every Giant Steps certified practice item to align with Common Core Math and ELA standards. The content is rigorous, relevant, and thoroughly tested for quality. Additionally, teachers can share their content with one another in the Public Library.

Supercharge progress monitoring

Every item in your Practice Sets can be attached to standards from the Giant Steps Library. Using our robust reporting features, you’ll get a close look at each student’s learning progress on specific standards, boosting your ability to support student progress exactly where it’s needed.

Gauge growth and adapt on the fly

With Giant Steps’ tools, you can get insight into student strengths, as well as places to focus on for growth. This allows you to personalize the learning experience by assigning the right Practice Sets for each student at the right time.

Maximizing lessons

  1. Start and end your lessons with Giant Steps so you can check your students’ current understanding and adjust instruction accordingly.
  2. Introduce a new topic and activate student curiosity with a short Practice Set that presents new information and invites them to guess the right answer.
  3. Adapt in-class content to create Practice Sets for review of previously learned material to increase retention and improve overall mastery. Giant Steps will take care of the rest by encouraging students to keep practicing!
  4. Assign Practice Sets for independent practice to encourage continued learning outside of the classroom.
  5. Review for assessments with Giant Steps by incorporating upcoming quizzes or assessment questions into Practice Sets to prepare students in a fun and engaging way.
  6. Use Giant Steps reporting features to identify when your students are ready to move on and when it's time to revisit information.

I like that students can get the fun interactive experience of playing with teams but then have easy access to practice alone and still get points. It really helps incentivize individual practice and get the opportunity to remember what they discussed with classmates.

Amanda Guieb headshot
Amanda Guieb
3rd-5th-Grade School Teacher

The best of blended learning

Learn from the experts at LMU iDEAL Institute how to enhance your instructional efforts with blended learning using Giant Steps. In this video, you will explore the four rotation models of blended learning and how Giant Steps can be used within each model to enhance instructional efforts, promote engagement, and facilitate meaningful learning experiences.

About the Partnership: The LMU iDEAL Institute and Giant Steps partnership centered around co-developing research, insights, and best practices for K-12 student engagement and educational equity. As a part of the partnership, LMU iDEAL Institute provided advisory sessions with digital education experts to inform the development of the Giant Steps learning experience.

After you've jumped in

Make classroom goals within reach

We offer a range of tools to support educators’ teaching styles and support the individual needs of students.

Foster student teamwork and play

Stickers help students communicate and solve problems together, while Reactions can help foster a warm and supportive community.

Press pause for feedback

We offer a range of tools to support educators’ teaching styles and support the individual needs of students.

Mix it up or put lessons on repeat

Give students targeted lessons to focus on areas of need or growth. Utilizing blocking (repeating a single skill) and interleaving (mixing related skills) can help students to improve and retain more knowledge over time.

Feedback on demand

Educators can add feedback for every practice item they create in a set. This can be especially useful for improving students’ learning when using Giant Steps for independent practice.

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Thursdays at 12 pm PT / 3 pm ET
Designed to be engaging for students and effective for educators, you’ll love using Giant Steps in your classroom. Join this 30-minute session to play Giant Steps live with fellow educators and get in on all the fun!

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