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The science that makes learning fun

Giant Steps leverages deep learning science and educational research to create an engaging and inclusive learning experience. From spaced repetition to feedback messages, Giant Steps is designed to foster a growth mindset, motivation, and a positive learning community.

Practice, practice, practice

Research shows that regular practice improves learning and retention. Giant Steps provides engaging classroom activities and Daily Remixes — auto-generated questions tailored to each student’s unique learning experience. Daily Remixes use spaced repetition and interleaving to help students sharpen skills and boost understanding — without creating extra work for teachers.1

Feedback right on time 

Timely corrective feedback, when paired with praise for student effort, fosters independence, a love of learning, and improved outcomes. Giant Steps helps educators provide real-time feedback to help students develop a growth mindset that drives motivation and engagement.2

Plays well with others

Group collaboration and communication are vital to boosting academic performance and creating persistence and a sense of belonging. Giant Steps promotes student engagement through Stickers, Reactions, and High-Fives to communicate and show support for their peers.3

Making a game of it

Adding game elements to digital learning platforms boosts student engagement, leading to better performance outcomes. Giant Steps gamifies its platform to allow students to play seasonal campaigns, earn XP (experience points), and snag some swag to customize their avatars.4

Designed in partnership with educators and students

From the beginning, teachers and students in classrooms across the country told us what they wanted to see in a learning tool, tested prototypes, and provided feedback to create a unique and effective learning experience. 

100% of teachers surveyed agree* that their students love using Giant Steps.

96.4% of teachers surveyed agree that Giant Steps helps improve student learning and mastery.

92.9% of teachers surveyed agree that Giant Steps helps foster a positive and supportive community in their classroom.

100% of teachers surveyed agree that Giant Steps helps them drive positive engagement with their students.

*Agree throughout refers to the combination of “agree” and “strongly agree” answer choices

Giant Steps logic model

Giant Steps shares a common DNA with Pear Deck. Both are easy to use, promote positive learning experiences, and bring best practices for active learning to the classroom. Like Pear Deck, the design of Giant Steps started with a Logic Model — a big-picture view that guides product development and efficacy research.

The Giant Steps Logic Model is a roadmap for product design and research. Whether you’re an administrator or teacher, the Logic Model outlines the connection between key features, activities, and learning outcomes so you can identify ways that Giant Steps can enable and improve collaborative learning and independent practice.

The Giant Steps learning experience was designed in accordance with the Department of Education’s guidelines for evidence-based activities, strategies, and interventions. The Logic Model and early research evidence help Demonstrate a Rationale (Tier IV) for using Giant Steps in the classroom as a way of achieving improved student outcomes.

Giant Steps Logic Model

Resources to level up your game

From tips for beginners to ways to help your students reach the next level, we’ve got everything you need to easily jump into Giant Steps.

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Emily Tighe
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Expert guidance from USC Rossier Center EDGE and LMU iDEAL Institute informed the creation of Giant Steps. 

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digital promise product certification

Digital Promise Product Certification

Giant Steps is a proud recipient of the Research-Based Design for Instructional Learning Products: Product Certification from Digital Promise as proof of our commitment to creating edtech products with a confirmed basis in learning research.